Makes it easy to simply accept your customers’ favored approach to payment!

Makes it easy to simply accept your customers’ favored approach to payment!

Simple Setup

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Log in to your <0>account and select ‘Accept Card Payments’ to register being a card accepting vendor. Once your registration is confirmed, your real-estate clients will be able to buy effortlessly, purchase more and buy more frequently from your organization.

<0>does most of the heavy-lifting. You just get paid.No hassle, no hardware, with no concealed fees.

Fast Deposits

Once you accept card repayments, you prevent suffering bank deposits and check processing fees. And no paper checks means no longer lost or stolen checks! When your client pays you with their card your payment will post to the automatically bank deposit account of the option within 3-4 times. And, as always, you can view your invoice status and payment details in realtime, whenever you want.


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Stop worrying about where your invoice is by tracking invoice status in real-time. Free.

With <0>it’s easy to be confident your invoice is where it should be. Effortlessly monitor invoices as they undertake your customer’s workflow to being compensated. Once the invoice is compensated, you can view the check quantity or the number that is routing electronic re payments.

L k at your cell phone, tablet, or computer by logging into <0> to browse invoices by client.

Desire to submit invoices through <0>for immediate delivery to your customer’s accounting system? Create invoices or submit PDF invoices through <0>. Free.


Offer yourself a leg up by certifying your self as being a VendorShield compliant merchant.

Simple, all in one enrollment process that enables you to prove your qualifications and compliance to your <0>client’s needs. We can help you because of the procedure and guarantees credentialing that is accurate.

Forgot Password

If username with provided e-mail exists in our database, you will get a message with password reset link to reset your password.

Please answer any protection question below to reset your password.

Incorrect reply to protection concerns. Please enter proper answer.

You have failed the optimum tries to answer the security questions. Please contact VendorCafe Support for assistance. You will have to be prepared to provide business Tax ID information and certain client invoice details to be able to confirm your account.


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