McKenzie Global Sourcing Co Ltd (MGS) is an offshoot of McKenzie Trading Co. Ltd. that was incorporated in 1967 as a buyer for textiles from Japan. By the late 1970s we had expanded our sourcing into South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. We maintained offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Italy.

Our Information:

Some sourcing organisations will only introduce you to a manufacturer before they vanish, leaving you stuck in a communication breakdown and quality problems. McKenzie Global Sourcing Co Ltd (MGS) is a worldwide sourcing organization that would not settle for anything less than communication and quality. We maintain round the clock communication cycle, which enables us to swiftly detect and handle production issues early to ensure components and assemblies are produced and delivered on time, as promised. Your needs are particular, but we are confident that our knowledgeable staff will locate a thoroughly vetted trustworthy provider to meet your exact requirements.

Management Team :

Mr. Ron Ritch, who is based in Canada and the original owner of McKenzie Trading Co. came out of retirement and is excited to be leading business operations in India and Dubai.

John Falcos is owner/president of Classic Cuisine Foods and has over 30 years of experience in the food brokerage industry. Having grown up in a family involved in the food business, he brings passion, wisdom, and understanding to the import, sales, and distribution of a variety of edibles. He sells through a group of brokers and distributors throughout North America.

Mr. Ralphy Jhirad, a native of Mumbai with a broad business background, is the Managing Director in India.

Having enlarged the line of products that we would like to bring to North America, we look forward to expanding our supply lines into India.


Linking Producers and Customers, 
Suppliers and Buyers

McKenzie Global Sourcing Co. Ltd. is the “Bridge Builder” between producers and customers, suppliers and buyers. We create the “Links” in the chain to bring products from India to our vast market in North America.
We look forward to creating solid long-term joint ventures, eventually having our bridge move in both directions from India to North America and from North America to India.
As Indian companies grow and build production, MGS will facilitate movement of a variety of quality, cost effective, products.